Jammer di blocco del segnale drone a frequenza programmabile DDS per esterni

Acquista il Jammer di blocco del segnale drone a frequenza programmabile DDS per esterni direttamente dalla fabbrica. Blocca i segnali di drone con precisione.
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Informazioni di Base.

Model No.
regolabile in potenza
ogni banda può essere regolata tramite software.
origine di inceppamento
tecnologia dds (direct digital synthesize)
impianto di raffreddamento
active smart con filtro dell′aria in entrata interaged
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Outdoor Dds Programmable Frequency Drone Signal Blocking Jammer


Product Description

 Waterproof high power DDS Drone(UAS) jamming system AAT-DDS-DR001J , is    The jamming system can be controlled remotely with activation and deactivation of the system. It is carried out only by using internet or Ethernet throght the centeral computer.
AAT-DDS-DR001J  is constructed inside a special metal enclosure, incorporating efficient "smart active" cooling system self protection jammer with incoming air filters, which enable the system to operate 365 days/24 Hours/ 7 days continuously even in hot weather.
Anti- Drone(UAS/ UAV) system or Drone(UAS/ UAV) jammer In theory, the best implementation should be: detection (discovery) → jamming → capture (forced landing). However, due to the small size of most UAVs, low power for remote control and data transmission, and low-altitude and ultra-low-altitude flight, whether the drone jamming system uses radar echo, optical image, audio analysis and other detection technologies, it will be due to The reflection signal of the drone body is too small, the background noise disturbance near the ground, the complex ground communication signal, the obstacles of high-rise buildings, etc., make the detection of drones unable to achieve 100% accurate identification, false positives and false negatives. Very high rate. Under the circumstance that the existing detection technology is not yet perfect and reliable, it is a feasible and relatively stable and effective solution to effectively interfere and suppress the communication frequencies such as remote control, positioning and data transmission of UAVs.

 The solution of this set of drone jamming system is to transmit several standard jamming signals to the no-fly zone of the UAV and a certain range around it, so as to suppress the interference and suppress all the wireless communication frequency bands that the UAV may use. Including but not limited to: GPS positioning and navigation signals, Beidou I, Beidou II, GLONASS, Galileo, 433MHz remote control, WiFi2.4G, WiFi5.8G, etc. When the UAV enters the range covered by the jamming signal of the UAV jamming system, its performance results are: loss of contact, loss of control, inertial flight, fall, self-landing, etc.

Product Feature

 1. Adopting the latest Direct Digital Synthesizer Signal source technology, jamming frequency and Output power are adjustable via LAN remote control or Internet remote control, Any frequency channel within one module can be selected to be blocked.
2.it is suitable to be used in the signal PC, LAN setting it is a remote control and centralized, management platform;
3. RS485 wired remote control, internet controlled or wireless 433mhz data transmission interface, make the engineering network setting more flexible;
4. Real-time monitor equipment working condition;
5. Record query. Log query;
6. support each band power adjustable.
7. Support each band Can be fine-tuned within limited frequency range
8. Could upload building plan to system, convenien to browse and query;
9. Authority management system, could set different levels browser window;
10. Jammer fault alarming system, and can email, notification alarm information;
11. Support local and remote monitorning, It is suitable for local area network(LAN)
12. Email and alarming system, Once something is wrong, such as cabinet opened maliciously, RF cable cut off deliberately, modules failure, temperature problem.
13. Set the time to open and close the machine, system can be automatic entered into operation.
14. Each  modular can be on/off and work in separately.
15. Selection of antennas to provide more flexibility regarding jamming coverag


Product Parameters





900 MHz

RF Output Power (Watt)


 Power Consumption


Power Supply Voltage

220VAC/110VAC , DC 24-27V

Jamming distance

5km-10km above(depending on the environment signal strength), The better choose directional antenna, shileding effective more better.)


Each band Can be fine-tuned within a limited frequency range

Power Adjust

Each band can power adjustable by software.


Metal Enclosure

Remeto control


Device Size


Gross Weight


Control System

Internet controller by software

Jamming Sourcce

Direct Digital Synthesize(DDS) Technology



Operational Temperature

-40°C ~ +65°C

Cooling system

Active smart with interaged incoming air filter

Waterproof Level


Antenna type

directional antenna or omni antenna optional

Install height



Prisions and other large sensitive location such asor gorermental compounds. It can also use in Oil and Gas strage Facilities and fields, Security Service,  Secret Services, Museums, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs.ect.

Outdoor Dds Programmable Frequency Drone Signal Blocking Jammer


Outdoor Dds Programmable Frequency Drone Signal Blocking Jammer


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