Blocco segnale di contromisura drone emisferico

Acquista il migliore blocco segnale di contromisura drone emisferico dal nostro stabilimento. Proteggi la tua privacy e sicurezza con il nostro prodotto affidabile.
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Informazioni di Base.

Model No.
bande di lavoro di avvio/spegnimento remoto wireless
batteria integrata da 12 a, uso continuo > 1 ora
alimentatore ca da 220 v o alimentazione a batteria integrata su
17 kg
Pacchetto di Trasporto
L37mm* W42mm* H47mm

Descrizione del Prodotto

Detailed Photos


 Hemispherical Drone Countermeasure Drone Signal Block


Product Description


The Hemispherical omnidirectional Drone (UAV) countermeasure system, small in size, long in interference distance, built-in battery, built-in high-efficiency rechargeable battery, Hemispherical Drone Countermeasure System can be used continuously for 2 hours after fully charged; easy to carry and use, built-in 360-degree omnidirectional antenna, It can be installed on the roof of the car, or it can be replaced with the car and used on-site, temporarily installed and used; remote control control, up to 3 kilometers. Dedicated to drone jamming block in open wild environments or larger areas, such as: confidential units, prisons, schools, troops, large factories and mines, etc.;
drone jammer Hemispherical 360 degree block the remote control/image transmission/navigation link of the intruding drone, so that the drone can return or land. Support stand-alone work and network work, with high system integration and integrated design. It can work continuously at night, in dense fog and in bad weather conditions.

Product Feature

drone jammer Countermeasure System is easy to carry and use, and can be installed on the roof of the car, replaced with the car and used on-site, and temporarily installed and used.
The effective interference radius is 1.5-3km(DJI Mavic model around 1km) and the countermeasure effect is good.
The remote control can be used to remotely switch each frequency of the device, and the control range can reach 3 kilometers.
The device adopts high-gain omnidirectional antenna with high gain and wide effective range'.
Built-in high-efficiency rechargeable battery, can be used continuously for 2 hours after fully charged.

Product Parameters


Channel Frequency (MHz)   Jamming
1CH 1560-1660   GPS,GNSS
2CH 2400-2485   Remote Control, Live View working
2CH 5725-5850   Remote Control, Live View working
frequency and power Can be customized according to customer needs
Antennas 9 flat-panel high-gain directional antennas, surrounded by 360 degrees
System protection Output standing wave protection, temperature protection
Cooling system Built-in intelligent cooling system
Control direction One-way 90 degrees, omnidirectional 360 degrees
Shielding distance Jamming radius 800-2000m  (DJI Mavic model around 500m)
Shielding distance depends on the application scenario, such as whether there are obstacles, building blocks, etc.
Remote control Wireless remote start /off working bands
Battery Built-in 12A battery, continuous use>1 hour
Charging method External 4A charger
RF output control 1 main power switch, 3 independent frequency band control switches
Power supply AC 220V power supply, or built-in battery power supply
Battery level display Built-in LCD display, display voltage, current, battery percentage
Host size L37mm* W42mm* H47mm
Machine weight (including antenna) 17kg
Working temperature/humidity -35°C~+70°C/ Up to 80%
Application Vehicle, roof, frontier defense, public security station, gas station, etc.


This type of knapsack mobile signal jammer, portable with built-in high capacity battery, is especially applicable to meeting halls, infantry, security forces, SWAT team, bomb squad, anti-terrorist units, anti-drug units, anti-riot force, the EOD team, checkpoints, hostage negotiations, border control, etc.

Note:All Bomb Jammers, IED Jammers,RF Signal Jammer  and RCIED Jammers, including cell phone jammers and mobile phone jamming devices are sold for governmental, law enforcement 
Hemispherical Drone Countermeasure Drone Signal Block Hemispherical Drone Countermeasure Drone Signal Block


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