Antenna integrata impermeabile all-in-one blocco anti-inceppamento del segnale drone

Acquista l'antenna integrata impermeabile all-in-one blocco anti-inceppamento del segnale drone. Siamo una fabbrica specializzata nella produzione di droni.
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Informazioni di Base.

Model No.
intervallo di inceppamento
raggio di amming da 1000 a 1500 m, (
orario di lavoro
24*7 ore di lavoro continuo, continuare a lavorare
temp. di esercizio
-20 ~ +55 (C)
Pacchetto di Trasporto
56*; 34.6*24.8cm

Descrizione del Prodotto

Detailed Photos


Waterproof All-in-One Built-in Antenna Anti Drone Signal Jamming Blocker


Product Description

  In recent years, Drone market growing fast, All of the factory such as DJI, DOBBY and XAIRCRAFT are continually to development and production of drone, "Black flight" always hurt people and damage something, In the second half of 2016 had happened Hundreds of accidents, for example 1. Made flight be stop, Drone fell towards the earth in large-scale activity and hurt people. Recent is Canada flight accident,black flight hurt people in Ningbo highway. It follows that black flight is a big hidden trouble. Government without monitoring and management to black flight, only adopt a strong measure to safeguard aerial safety.   
AL ASAR TECH a superior security equipment supplier, independent research and development drone jammer, drone jammer jamming satellite positioning signal aim to whole GNSS GPS, Including to :GPS/Big Dipper/GOLONESS/GPS; At same time jamming ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.2G/ 5.8G which signal be frequently-used by drone, Jamming picture the positioning of drone remote control to get emergency landing, return flight or hanging in the air the effect. The drone jammer Which be independent research and development by AL ASAR TECH Function is strong, far interference distance from 1000-2000 m.


Product Feature


Bulit-in driectional antenna
Each band with LED indicator light
Cut off the connection between drones and remote controls, remote control seize up
Remote control couldn't receive the picture and video by aerial photo.
Drone could not be location, The Drone interception jammer mandatory making drone land or flight returned.
Easy to installation and maintain
Low cost IP 65 Waterproof High performance-priceratio
Power Amplifiers protection design ensures the working reliabity of the device.
Product Parameters


Effective jamming range: jamming radius 1000 to 1500 m,(depending on the the environment signal strength);
Remote Control: Wire Control Panel Available(optional)
Power supply: 220VAC,24VDC
Continuous working hours: 24 *7 hours working (AC 220V);
Wartproof Level:IP66
Antennas type: built-in directional antenna
, antenna Angle H: 65°V:30°.
Dimension: 55.5×32.5×19.3 cm   Net Weight: 10kgs;

Packing size: 56×34.6×24.8cm     Gross Wight: 11.5kg
Operating Temp: -20ºC - +50ºC
Humidity: 5% - 95%

Waterproof All-in-One Built-in Antenna Anti Drone Signal Jamming Blocker Waterproof All-in-One Built-in Antenna Anti Drone Signal Jamming Blocker


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